• An expanding polyurethane based foam which sets into its final semi-elastic form by using moisture present in the atmosphere. Allproof PUFoam expands up to 40 times its original volume. Rated up to 2hrs and offers excellent adhesion to common building substrates and once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered over. Tested to AS1530.4 - 2005, AS4072.1-2005 and BS 476 – part 20: 1987.

    Code  Description 
    PUFOAM  750ml fire rated expanding poly foam
    PU Foam Safety Data Sheet

    Test Results: 

    Linear Gap Seals
    Code  Seal Width (mm)  Seal Depth (mm)  Concrete Floor FRL* 
    PUFoam  15  150  -/120/120 
    PUFoam  40  150  -/120/120 
    Linear Gap Seal to BS 476: Part 20 - 1987
    Code Seal Width (mm) Seal Depth (mm)  Concrete Floor FRL* 
    PUFoam  10  200 -/120/120 
    PUFoam  20 200  -/120/120 
    PUFoam  30 200  -/120/120 
    PUFoam  40  200  -/120/120 


    Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx(13 KB)


    Suitable For:

    • Backfilling around service penetrations.
    • Fixing window or door frames.
    • Filling irregular or awkward gaps where the foam will expand to completely fill the cavity/void.



    • Excellent adhesion to many common building substrates.
    • Once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered over.
    • Expands up to 40 times its original volume.
    • Coloured pink to identify it as a fire rated product.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Surfaces must be firm, clean and free of dust and loose particles. The cavity or voided area to be filled must be moistened well with water, this will aid installation adhesion to the substrate.
    2. Shake the can thoroughly, until the foam inside becomes liquid. Then attach the straw to the canister and commence to fill the cavity from the base of the aperture slowly and build up the layers of the foam, ensuring that the void is filled. Care to be taken not to over-fill the cavity.
    3. As a rule, only fill the cavity approximately half full as post expansion will fill the hole.
    4. Allow the foam to cure - full cure will be reached in approximately 24 hours. Cured foam can be cut using a sharp bladed instrument.
    5. Protect the foam from exposure to direct sunlight as polyurethane foam is not UV stable. Protect exposed foam from UV with plaster or paint.

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