Low Cast-In Collars

  • Allproof low cast-in stack collars are designed to suit 40-100mm PVC pipe penetrations. The low cast-in collar is installed in a similar manner to the standard cast-in collar. The main difference with the lowcast-in collar is that the pipe acts as the riser to the required height during the concrete pour. The pipe should be capped to prevent concrete entering the pipework during construction.

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    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    CIFC40S L  40mm Cast In fire Collar Low

    CIFC40S L.pdf CIFC40S L.pdf(240 KB)

    CIFC40S L.dwg CIFC40S L.dwg(421 KB)

    CIFC50S L  50mm Cast In fire Collar Low 

    CIFC50S L.pdf CIFC50S L.pdf(241 KB)

    CIFC50S L.dwg CIFC50S L.dwg(422 KB)

    CIFC65S L  65mm Cast In fire Collar Low 

    CIFC65S L.pdf CIFC65S L.pdf(235 KB)

    CIFC65S L.dwg CIFC65S L.dwg(425 KB)

    CIFC80S L  80mm Cast In fire Collar Low 

    CIFC80S L.pdf CIFC80S L.pdf(235 KB)

    CIFC80S L.dwg CIFC80S L.dwg(426 KB)

    CIFC100S L  100mm Cast In fire Collar Low 

    CIFC100S L.pdf CIFC100S L.pdf(245 KB)

    CIFC100S L.dwg CIFC100S L.dwg(420 KB)

    Suitable For Fitting Within:

    • Solid Masonry Floors


    • Sturdy construction for casting in
    • Multiple fixing positions
    • Made from recycled PP

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Nail collar to formwork in correct location.
    2. Install pipe and cap.
    3. Pour concrete floor.
    4. Remove formwork ensuring galvanised steel ring is exposed.
    5. Cut pipe to desired height.

    For test results please see our Fire Brochure literature.

    Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx(13 KB)

    Installation Details


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