Fire Band

  • Designed for the fire protection of plasterboard walls penetrated by plastic pipes, Fire Bands are rolled galvanized steel sleeves with two slide tabs fixed through a corresponding slot and fold back tabs for fixing to the plasterboard. An Allproof pipe wrap is installed on each face of the plasterboard within the Fire Band. When a fire occurs the intumescent pipe wraps contained within the steel Fire Band activate, filling the band with a fire resistant seal.

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    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    FireBand40  40mm Galv Fire Band x150mm 

    FB40.pdf FB40.pdf(146 KB)

    FB40.dwg FB40.dwg(97 KB)

    FireBand50 50mm Galv Fire Band x150mm

    FB50.pdf FB50.pdf(145 KB)

    FB50.dwg FB50.dwg(99 KB)

    FireBand65  65mm Galv Fire Band x150mm  

    FB65.pdf FB65.pdf(147 KB)

    FB65.dwg FB65.dwg(100 KB)

    FireBand80  80mm Galv Fire Band x150mm  

    FB80.pdf FB80.pdf(149 KB)

    FB80.dwg FB80.dwg(102 KB)

    FireBand100  100mm Galv Fire Band x150mm  

    FB100.pdf FB100.pdf(151 KB)

    FB100.dwg FB100.dwg(104 KB)

    Suitable For:

    • Plasterboard wall penetrations


    • Easy to use and install

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Open fire band around pipe, slide tabs through slot and fold back 180° to secure. Slide into plasterboard wall penetration.
    2. Install an Allproof pipe wrap on each face of the plasterboard wall (two per fire band).
    3. Seal gap between the Fire Band and the plasterboard of both wall faces with intumescent sealant.

    For test results please see our Fire Brochure literature.

    Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx(13 KB)

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