• Flush Box Intumescent Pads are designed to be installed into metal flush boxes installed in hollow fire rated walls.

    All tests conducted in accordance with AS1530.4 - 2005 and AS4072.1 - 2005.

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    FBINT  Flush Box Intumescent Pad 70x45mm     

    Test Results:

    Product Description Plasterboard Integrity (mins) Insulation (mins) Install
    FBINT  Flush Box Intumescent Pad 70x45mm  19mm 120  90  Detail 1 
    FBINT  Flush Box Intumescent Pad 70x45mm  13mm 60  45  Detail 2 

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Fix flush box to framing. The flush box should be fitted against the plasterboard.
    2. Firmly insert FBINT with adhesive against back of flush box.
    3. Finish installation of wiring and fix face plate.


    Installation Detail 1 

    Detail 1 is a back to back installation on a hollow wall system comprised of a 92mm steel frame and 1 x layer of 19mm Fireline on each side of the frame (total wall thickness of 130mm). The FBINT 1 was installed into a standard flush mount galvanised steel box, measuring approximately 75mm high x 50mm wide x 52mm deep.

    Installation Detail 2 

    Detail 2 is a one side test on a 13mm plasterboard, 64mm frame and 13mm plasterboard setup (total wall thickness of 90mm). The FBINT was installed into a universal galvanised steel flush box, measuring approximately 90mm high x 50mm wide x 52mm deep.

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