Drop In Fire Collar

  • Allproof Drop in fire collars provide a simple and effective passive fire rating option for thin concrete floors or trapezoidal steel tray concrete floors. These floors feature profile changes on the underside of the slab and make it difficult to fire rate with a conventional fire collar fixed to the underside of a floor slab.

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    Extendable 40mm

    Extendable 40mm

    Extendable 50mm

    Extendable 50mm

    Extendable 65mm

    Extendable 65mm

    Extendable 80mm

    Extendable 80mm

    Extendable 100mm

    Extendable 100mm

    Extendable 150mm

    Extendable 150mm













    Extendable 210 

    Code Description .pfd File CAD File
    DIFC32X210 32mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm

    DIFC32X210.pdf DIFC32X210.pdf(550 KB)

    DIFC32X210.dwg DIFC32X210.dwg(881 KB)

    DIFC40X210 40mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm

    DIFC40X210.pdf DIFC40X210.pdf(137 KB)

    DIFC40X210.dwg DIFC40X210.dwg(367 KB)

    DIFC50X210 50mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm  

    DIFC50X210.pdf DIFC50X210.pdf(140 KB)

    DIFC50X210.dwg DIFC50X210.dwg(162 KB)

    DIFC65X210 65mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm

    DIFC65X210.pdf DIFC65X210.pdf(142 KB)

    DIFC65X210.dwg DIFC65X210.dwg(169 KB)

    DIFC80X210 80mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm 

    DIFC80X210.pdf DIFC80X210.pdf(148 KB)

    DIFC80X210.dwg DIFC80X210.dwg(171 KB)

    DIFC100X210 100mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar Extendable up to 210mm 

    DIFC100X210.pdf DIFC100X210.pdf(149 KB)

    DIFC100X210.dwg DIFC100X210.dwg(186 KB)


    Code  Description  .pfd File CAD File 
    DIFC40  40mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC40.pdf DIFC40.pdf(307 KB)

    DIFC40.dwg DIFC40.dwg(244 KB)

    DIFC50  50mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC50.pdf DIFC50.pdf(317 KB)

    DIFC50.dwg DIFC50.dwg(263 KB)

    DIFC65  65mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC65.pdf DIFC65.pdf(302 KB)

    DIFC65.dwg DIFC65.dwg(252 KB)

    DIFC80  80mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC80.pdf DIFC80.pdf(309 KB)

    DIFC80.dwg DIFC80.dwg(267 KB)

    DIFC100  100mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC100.pdf DIFC100.pdf(312 KB)

    DIFC100.dwg DIFC100.dwg(277 KB)

    DIFC150  150mm Allproof Drop In Fire Collar

    DIFC150.pdf DIFC150.pdf(357 KB)

    DIFC150.dwg DIFC150.dwg(380 KB)

    Suitable For Fitting With:

    • Thin concrete floors (minimum 70mm)
    • Trapezoidal steel tray concrete floors (composite floors) 



    • Installed and fixed from top side of slab
    • Can be retrofit around pipe
    • Made from Galvanised steel 


    Installation Instructions:

    1. Core drill hole to specified diameter to suit pipe size.
    2. Install drop in fire collar fixing with two metal pin anchors. (Floor waste installs require the tabs to be recessed into the slab).
    3. Ensure collar on underside of slab is exposed no greater than 80mm and recessed in slab no more than 5mm.
    4. Insert pipework through collar. 
    5. Seal gaps between concrete/collar and collar/pipe with 15mm depth of Allproof MAS310 or Bostik Fireban One intumescent sealant.
    6. Allproof recommends any thermal or acoustic lagging maintains a 50mm separation to the fire collar.


    For test results please see our Fire Brochure literature.

    Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx(13 KB)

    Composite Flooring    

    DIFC-Install A.pdf DIFC-Install A.pdf(232 KB)

    DIFC-Install A.dwg DIFC-Install A.dwg(269 KB)

    DIFC-Install B.pdf DIFC-Install B.pdf(220 KB)

    DIFC-Install B.dwg DIFC-Install B.dwg(276 KB)


    DIFC Composite Floor Waste Install.pdf DIFC Composite Floor Waste Install.pdf(287 KB)

    DIFC Composite Floor Waste Install.dwg DIFC Composite Floor Waste Install.dwg(359 KB)

     Flat Slab      

    DIFC Flat Slab Install.pdf DIFC Flat Slab Install.pdf(161 KB)

    DIFC Flat Slab Install.dwg DIFC Flat Slab Install.dwg(147 KB)

    DIFC Flat Slab Floor Waste Install.pdf DIFC Flat Slab Floor Waste Install.pdf(194 KB)

    DIFC Flat Slab Floor Waste Install.dwg DIFC Flat Slab Floor Waste Install.dwg(195 KB)

    Composite Floor Installation Details:

    Flat Slab Installation Details:

    Composite Floor Waste Floor Installation Details:

    Flat Slab Floor Waste Installation Details:

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