Passive Fire Protection

Concrete / Plasterboard
Floor Waste

Fire Collars for Passive Fire protection of Plumbing and service penetrations

Allproof offer a range of premium quality, market leading Passive Fire Protection Products for installation in both the floor and wall; including options for pre pour, post pour, concrete and plasterboard.

Allproof has an extensive Passive Fire Protection range, comprising of Cast-in Collars, Low Cast-in Collars, Low Profile Pipe Collars, Pipe Wraps, Fire Plates, Drop in Fire Collars and Fire Bands, that will ensure you meet your fire rating requirements.

These products are designed to protect service penetrations.As with many firestop systems they are made up of various components and are designed to fireproof wall and floor penetrations, floor stacks and floor wastes, impeding the spread of fire and smoke. However at the core of Allproof’s passive fire protection range is it’s advanced intumescent technology, this enables us to offer products with performance and design advantages.

Allproof Industries has undergone an extensive testing programme with independent IANZ accredited fire testing laboratories and all products are tested to AS1530.4 – 2005 and AS4072.1 - 2005.

Testing has been conducted on a variety of pipes, in varying install situations; PVC Plastic, HDPE Plastic Pipe, PP-R Plastic (SDR7.4), Raupiano PP-MD and D Blue PP-MD. Fire Resistance Level (FRL) details are available online.