ISO Coil

  • ISOCOIL is the most convenient way of carrying insulation for smaller pipe sizes. Simply cut off the length you need for the job.


    Full Brochure
    Code  Description  Internal Diameter  Length Per Coil 
    ISOCOIL 9X15 9X15 ISOCOIL 37M/BOX 9mm 37
    ISOCOIL 9X22 9X22 ISOCOIL 31M/BOX 9mm 31
    ISOCOIL 13X10  13X10 ISOCOIL 27M/BOX  10mm  27
    ISOCOIL 13X12  13X12 ISOCOIL 25M/BOX  12mm  25
    ISOCOIL 13X15  13X15 ISOCOIL 23M/BOX  15mm  23
    ISOCOIL 13X22  13X22 ISOCOIL 19M/BOX  22mm  19
    ISOCOIL 13X28  13X28 ISOCOIL 16M/BOX  28mm  16

    Fire Compliance Report 

    Report on conducted cone calorimeter testing on ISO Pipe Thermal Pipe Lagging for the purposes of determination of the Group Classification in accordance with:

    New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A.

    Test undertaken for Allproof Industries by 3I International Innovative Industries. Test conducted by Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais.
    Test Summary (full results available on request):


      Test 1 Test 2 Test 3  Average 
    HRR peak (kW/m²)  31  23  24  26 
    Ignition Time (s)  - - - -

    As per c-vm2 A1.3 Determining a material’s Group Number when tested to ISO 5660. 

    Step 1: Determine time to ignition (tig). This is defined as the time (in seconds) when the HRR reaches or first exceeds a value of 50 kW/m2. 


    v) If the ignition criterion in Step 1 above is not reached, the material is a Group Number 1 material.


    Verification Method: Framework for Fire Safety Design.   

    For New Zealand Building Code Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire.

    Insulation Install Guide
    Operating Temp:  -40° C - +105°C
    Internal/External:  Internal 
    Length Size:  Please see codes tab
    K Value 0.035 W(m*K) @ +0°C
    Life Span 10 years

    Wall Depth R Value 
    13mm 0.3

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