E-Flex Solar

  • Allproof again leads the way with solar and outdoor lagging.

    E-Flex Solar is our range of UV Stabilised EPDM which doesn’t require any additional UV protective coating. E-Flex Solar has an extended operating temperature and an extended 10 year lifespan.


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    Code  Description  Internal Diameter  Metres Per Carton 
    E-Flex 13x16 13mm wall x 16mm ID x 2 metre length 16mm 136
    E-Flex 13x22 13mm wall x 22mm ID x 2 metre length 22mm 98
    E-Flex 13x28 13mm wall x 28mm ID x 2 metre length 28mm 78
    E-Flex 13x35 13mm wall x 35mm ID x 2 metre length 35mm 58
    E-Flex 13x42 13mm wall x 42mm ID x 2 metre length 42mm 48
    E-Flex 13x54 13mm wall x 54mm ID x 2 metre length 54mm 34
    Operating Temp:  -57° C - +150°C
    Internal/External:  Both 
    Length Size:  2m
    K Value  
    Life Span 10 years

    Fire Rating Test: AS/NZS 1530.3 - 1999

    Regulatory Indices:    
    Ignitability Index
    0 Range 0-20
    Spread of Flame Index
    0 Range 0-10
    Heat Evolved Index
    0 Range 0-10
    Smoke Developed Index
    5 Range 0-10

    Please enquire for R values.

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