• Vinyl floor waste flange with threaded clamp ring and cyclone spigot for tile install applications.

    • Base flange fits inside 80mm and 100mm pipe riser
    • High quality PVC
    • Vinyl/waterproofing membrane clamped using 3x Stainless screws and clamp ring
    • Height adjustable grate with threaded spigot
    • Construction cap supplied
    • Subtile drainage path through flange









    Chrome on Brass

    Code Description .pdf File CAD File
    TR80RC 80mm Tilerite flange with threaded spigot and Round Chrome on Brass Grate

    TR80RC.pdf TR80RC.pdf(142 KB)

    TR80RC.dxf TR80RC.dxf(1053 KB)

    TR80SC 80mm Tilerite flange with threaded spigot and Square Chrome on Brass Grate

    TR80SC.pdf TR80SC.pdf(148 KB)

    TR80SC.dxf TR80SC.dxf(1042 KB)

    TR100RC 100mm Tilerite flange with threaded spigot and Round Chrome on Brass Grate

    TR100RC.pdf TR100RC.pdf(195 KB)

    TR100RC.dxf TR100RC.dxf(1802 KB)

    TR100SC 100mm Tilerite flange with threaded spigot and Square Chrome on Brass Grate

    TR100SC.pdf TR100SC.pdf(274 KB)

    TR100SC.dxf TR100SC.dxf(1781 KB)


    Code Description .pdf File CAD File
    TR80SS1 80mm Tilerite Square SS1 Globe

    TR80SS1.pdf TR80SS1.pdf(366 KB)

    TR80SS1.dwg TR80SS1.dwg(656 KB)

    TR80SS2 80mm Tilerite Square SS2 Cross

    TR80SS2.pdf TR80SS2.pdf(353 KB)

    TR80SS2.dwg TR80SS2.dwg(616 KB)

    TR80SS3 80mm Tilerite Square SS3 Wave

    TR80SS3.pdf TR80SS3.pdf(347 KB)

    TR80SS3.dwg TR80SS3.dwg(627 KB)

    TR80SS4 80mm Tilerite Square SS4 Quater

    TR80SS4.pdf TR80SS4.pdf(345 KB)

    TR80SS4.dwg TR80SS4.dwg(612 KB)

    TR80SS5 80mm Tilerite Square SS5 Straight

    TR80SS5.pdf TR80SS5.pdf(343 KB)

    TR80SS5.dwg TR80SS5.dwg(609 KB)

    TR80SS6 80mm Tilerite Square SS6 Diagonal

    TR80SS6.pdf TR80SS6.pdf(340 KB)

    TR80SS6.dwg TR80SS6.dwg(610 KB)

    TR100SS0 100mm Tilerite Square SS0 Wedge Wire

    TR100SS0.pdf TR100SS0.pdf(396 KB)

    TR100SS0.dwg TR100SS0.dwg(696 KB)

    TR100SS1 100mm Tilerite Square SS1 Globe

    TR100SS1.pdf TR100SS1.pdf(420 KB)

    TR100SS1.dwg TR100SS1.dwg(763 KB)

    TR100SS2 100mm Tilerite Square SS2 Cross

    TR100SS2.pdf TR100SS2.pdf(408 KB)

    TR100SS2.dwg TR100SS2.dwg(725 KB)

    TR100SS3 100mm Tilerite Square SS3 Wave

    TR100SS3.pdf TR100SS3.pdf(403 KB)

    TR100SS3.dwg TR100SS3.dwg(739 KB)

    TR100SS4 100mm Tilerite Square SS4 Quater

    TR100SS4.pdf TR100SS4.pdf(402 KB)

    TR100SS4.dwg TR100SS4.dwg(726 KB)

    TR100SS5 100mm Tilerite Square SS5 Straight

    TR100SS5.pdf TR100SS5.pdf(398 KB)

    TR100SS5.dwg TR100SS5.dwg(722 KB)

    TR100SS6 100mm Tilerite Square SS6 Diagonal

    TR100SS6.pdf TR100SS6.pdf(399 KB)

    TR100SS6.dwg TR100SS6.dwg(725 KB)

    TR100SS7 100mm Tilerite Square SS7 Plate

    TR100SS7.pdf TR100SS7.pdf(391 KB)

    TR100SS7.dwg TR100SS7.dwg(689 KB)

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