Polished Brass Tile Grates

    • Polished Brass
    • Round and square options
    • 80mm and 100mm
    • Compatible with Leak Control Flange and Revolver
    Square Polished Brass

    Square Polished Brass

    Round Polished Brass

    Round Polished Brass






    Code Description .pdf File CAD File
    168.80SPB 80mm Square Polished Brass

    168.80S.pdf 168.80S.pdf(244 KB)

    168.80S.dxf 168.80S.dxf(352 KB)

    168.100SPB 100mm Square Polished Brass

    168.100S.pdf 168.100S.pdf(256 KB)

    168.100S.dxf 168.100S.dxf(325 KB)

    168.80RPB 80mm Round Polished Brass

    168.80R.pdf 168.80R.pdf(253 KB)

    168.80R.dxf 168.80R.dxf(323 KB)

    168.100RPB 100mm Round Polished Brass

    168.100R.pdf 168.100R.pdf(267 KB)

    168.100R.dxf 168.100R.dxf(365 KB)


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