• Height adjustable threaded grate
    • Spigot fit inside pipe
    • No step down on flange
    • Construction cap supplied
    • Subtile drainage path through flange
    • Textured finish on flange for adhesion of water-proofing membrane 
    • Invisidrain, Kaitari, Elegance Plate and Elegance WW available on 100mm CYC Flange



    Square Chrome on Brass

    Square Chrome on Brass

    Round Chrome on Brass

    Round Chrome on Brass

    Square Polished Brass

    Square Polished Brass

    Round Polished Brass

    Round Polished Brass

    Elegance Wire (SS0)

    Elegance Wire (SS0)

    Elegance Globe (SS1)

    Elegance Globe (SS1)

    Elegance Cross (SS2)

    Elegance Cross (SS2)

    Elegance wave (SS3)

    Elegance wave (SS3)

    Elegance Quater (SS4)

    Elegance Quater (SS4)

    Elegance Straight (SS5)

    Elegance Straight (SS5)

    Elegance Diagonal (SS6)

    Elegance Diagonal (SS6)

    Elegance Plate (SS7)

    Elegance Plate (SS7)

    SS Invisidrain

    SS Invisidrain

    Kaiteri Round in Square

    Kaiteri Round in Square

    Kaiteri Round in Round

    Kaiteri Round in Round








    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    CYC50 50mm Cyclone Flange

    CYC50.pdf CYC50.pdf(483 KB)

    CYC50.dwg CYC50.dwg(737 KB)

    CYC80 80mmCyclone Flange 

    CYC80.pdf CYC80.pdf(482 KB)

    CYC80.dwg CYC80.dwg(842 KB)

    CYC100 100mmCyclone Flange 

    CYC100.pdf CYC100.pdf(452 KB)

    CYC100.dwg CYC100.dwg(841 KB)

    Cyclone with Elegance Grates

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File
    CYC100SS0  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Wire 

    CYC100SS0.pdf CYC100SS0.pdf(463 KB)

    CYC100SS0.dwg CYC100SS0.dwg(898 KB)

    CYC100SS1  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Globe 

    CYC100SS1.pdf CYC100SS1.pdf(484 KB)

    CYC100SS1.dwg CYC100SS1.dwg(944 KB)

    CYC80SS1  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Globe 

    CYC80SS1.pdf CYC80SS1.pdf(412 KB)

    CYC80SS1.dwg CYC80SS1.dwg(825 KB)

    CYC50SS1  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Globe 

    CYC50SS1.pdf CYC50SS1.pdf(487 KB)

    CYC50SS1.dwg CYC50SS1.dwg(864 KB)

    CYC100SS2  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Cross 

    CYC100SS2.pdf CYC100SS2.pdf(473 KB)

    CYC100SS2.dwg CYC100SS2.dwg(907 KB)

    CYC80SS2  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Cross 

    CYC80SS2.pdf CYC80SS2.pdf(396 KB)

    CYC80SS2.dwg CYC80SS2.dwg(785 KB)

    CYC50SS2  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Cross 

    CYC50SS2.pdf CYC50SS2.pdf(466 KB)

    CYC50SS2.dwg CYC50SS2.dwg(825 KB)

    CYC100SS3  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Wave 

    CYC100SS3.pdf CYC100SS3.pdf(467 KB)

    CYC100SS3.dwg CYC100SS3.dwg(920 KB)

    CYC80SS3  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Wave 

    CYC80SS3.pdf CYC80SS3.pdf(393 KB)

    CYC80SS3.dwg CYC80SS3.dwg(797 KB)

    CYC50SS3  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Wave 

    CYC50SS3.pdf CYC50SS3.pdf(462 KB)

    CYC50SS3.dwg CYC50SS3.dwg(837 KB)

    CYC100SS4  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Quarter 

    CYC100SS4.pdf CYC100SS4.pdf(464 KB)

    CYC100SS4.dwg CYC100SS4.dwg(908 KB)

    CYC80SS4  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Quarter 

    CYC80SS4.pdf CYC80SS4.pdf(390 KB)

    CYC80SS4.dwg CYC80SS4.dwg(781 KB)

    CYC50SS4  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Quarter 

    CYC50SS3.pdf CYC50SS3.pdf(462 KB)

    CYC50SS4.dwg CYC50SS4.dwg(820 KB)

    CYC100SS5  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Straight 

    CYC100SS5.pdf CYC100SS5.pdf(460 KB)

    CYC100SS5.dwg CYC100SS5.dwg(904 KB)

    CYC80SS5  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Straight 

    CYC80SS5.pdf CYC80SS5.pdf(387 KB)

    CYC80SS5.dwg CYC80SS5.dwg(777 KB)

    CYC50SS5  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Straight 

    CYC50SS5.pdf CYC50SS5.pdf(460 KB)

    CYC50SS5.dwg CYC50SS5.dwg(816 KB)

    CYC100SS6  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Diagonal 

    CYC100SS6.pdf CYC100SS6.pdf(461 KB)

    CYC100SS6.dwg CYC100SS6.dwg(906 KB)

    CYC80SS6  Cyclone 80mm Elegance Diagonal 

    CYC80SS6.pdf CYC80SS6.pdf(384 KB)

    CYC80SS6.dwg CYC80SS6.dwg(777 KB)

    CYC50SS6  Cyclone 50mm Elegance Diagonal 

    CYC50SS6.pdf CYC50SS6.pdf(455 KB)

    CYC50SS6.dwg CYC50SS6.dwg(818 KB)

    CYC100SS7  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Plate 

    CYC100SS7.pdf CYC100SS7.pdf(453 KB)

    CYC100SS7.dwg CYC100SS7.dwg(874 KB)

    Cyclone with SS Invisi (please note rebate depth requirements here or under the Invisidrain product listing)

    Code  Description .pdf File CAD File 
    CYC100INVSS  Cyclone 100mm Elegance Invisidrain 

    CYC100INVSS.pdf CYC100INVSS.pdf(293 KB)

    CYC100INVSS.dwg CYC100INVSS.dwg(529 KB)

    Cyclone with Chrome on Brass

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    CYC50RC  Cyclone 50mm Round Chrome 

    CYC50RC.pdf CYC50RC.pdf(192 KB)

    CYC50RC.dwg CYC50RC.dwg(696 KB)

    CYC80RC  Cyclone 80mm Round Chrome 

    CYC80RC.pdf CYC80RC.pdf(186 KB)

    CYC80RC.dxf CYC80RC.dxf(1693 KB)

    CYC100RC  Cyclone100mm Round Chrome 

    CYC100RC.pdf CYC100RC.pdf(278 KB)

    CYC100RC.dxf CYC100RC.dxf(1663 KB)

    CYC50SC  Cyclone 50mm Square Chrome 

    CYC50SC.pdf CYC50SC.pdf(259 KB)

    CYC50SC.dwg CYC50SC.dwg(713 KB)

    CYC80SC  Cyclone 80mm Square Chrome 

    CYC80SC.pdf CYC80SC.pdf(254 KB)

    CYC80SC.dxf CYC80SC.dxf(1657 KB)

    CYC100SC  Cyclone100mm Square Chrome 

    CYC100SC.pdf CYC100SC.pdf(248 KB)

    CYC100SC.dxf CYC100SC.dxf(1600 KB)

    Cyclone with Kaiteri

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    KT100SRSS  100mm Round in Square Stainless Kaiteri

    KT100SRSS.pdf KT100SRSS.pdf(719 KB)

    KT100SRSS.dwg KT100SRSS.dwg(517 KB)

    KT100RDSS  100mm Round Stainless Kaiteri

    KT100RDSS.pdf KT100RDSS.pdf(725 KB)

    KT100RDSS.dwg KT100RDSS.dwg(544 KB)

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