Rainwater Heads

  • Allproof’s contemporary rainwater head designs are tailored for all building types. Our classic design options are simplistically modern, functional designs that merge seamlessly into any exterior. Allproof rainwater heads are designed to work in conjunction with our custom made joiners and stainless downpipe range.

    Allproof are more than happy to be part of your custom requirements. If you desire a bespoke rainwater head to suit your specific needs, or a suitable solution to work in conjunction with a larger 6” tube downpipe, TALK TO US TODAY.
    Our experienced sales team and onsite designers and stainless steel fabricators will gladly work with you and your team to get the unique result you’re looking for.

    Classic 1A

    Classic 1A

    Classic 1B

    Classic 1B

    Classic 2A

    Classic 2A

    Classic 2B

    Classic 2B

    Classic 3A

    Classic 3A

    Classic 3B

    Classic 3B

    Each off the Shelf rainwater head design is available in 2 sizes:

    Size  Suits Downpipe
    Size A  Suits 2.5” (OD 63.5mm) & 3” (76.2mm) Downpipe 
    Size B  Suits 4” (OD 101.6mm) & 5” (127mm) Downpipe 

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    RWH1A Classic 1A 350w x 350d x 400h

    RWHC1A.pdf RWHC1A.pdf(137 KB)

    RWHC1A.dwg RWHC1A.dwg(74 KB)

    RWH1B Classic 1B 400w x 400d x 450h

    RWHC1B.pdf RWHC1B.pdf(138 KB)

    RWHC1B.dwg RWHC1B.dwg(74 KB)

    RWH2A Classic 2A 350w x 350d x 400h

    RWHC2A.pdf RWHC2A.pdf(141 KB)

    RWHC2A.dwg RWHC2A.dwg(70 KB)

    RWH2B Classic 2B 400w x 400d x 450h

    RWHC2B.pdf RWHC2B.pdf(142 KB)

    RWHC2B.dwg RWHC2B.dwg(70 KB)

    RWH3A Classic 3A 400w x 350d x 450h

    RWHC3A.pdf RWHC3A.pdf(138 KB)

    RWHC3A.dwg RWHC3A.dwg(74 KB)

    RWH3B Classic 3B 500w x 400d x 400h

    RWHC3B.pdf RWHC3B.pdf(139 KB)

    RWHC3B.dwg RWHC3B.dwg(74 KB)

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