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Stainless steel products- shower bases, rainwater heads & cleaners sinks

Allproof are industry leaders when it comes to stainless steel manufactured products and custom solutions for the drainage and plumbing industries.

Allproof’s state-of-the-art rainwater head designs are a great architectual statement for all building types and can be custom-made to your exact specifications, designed to work in conjunction with our made-to-order stainless-steel downpipe range.

Allproof specialises in stainless steel shower bases, providing customised sizes for project-specific applications where off-the-shelf trays are not going to be suitable. We use linear and point drain options, with a variety of wall and edge options, to create the ideal solution for your installation. Allproof’s tile over stainless steel shower trays are perfect for a discreet high performance waterproof barrier and are manufactured specifically for your requirements.

Our experienced sales team, on-site designers and stainless-steel fabricators will gladly work with you and your team to get the unique result you’re looking for when it comes to stainless steel shower bases, rainwater heads, cleaners sinks and more.