Scupper Overflow

  • The main benefit of the Scupper Drain is the flexibility of application; they can be used as both primary and secondary overflows. Scuppers are ideal for horizontal drains with free waterfall, terraces / decks, flat roof, box gutters, parapets and roofs with vertical walls angled at 90°, covered with roofing membranes.

    The material that makes up Allproof Scuppers has extremely high resistance to breakdown by sunlight, ozone and other chemicals or atmospheric agents. The excellent physical and chemical characteristics of Allproof Scuppers make them ideal as a flange surface for most types of waterproofing membranes.

    200x75mm Overflow

    200x75mm Overflow

    Code Description .pdf File CAD File
    OFLOW 200x75 200x75mm Scupper Overflow HDPE Plastic

    OFLOW 200x75.pdf OFLOW 200x75.pdf(144 KB)

    OFLOW 200x75.dwg OFLOW 200x75.dwg(92 KB)

    OFLOW 200x75SS 200x75mm Scupper Overflow Stainless Steel

    OFLOW 200x75SS.pdf OFLOW 200x75SS.pdf(137 KB)

    OFLOW 200x75SS.dwg OFLOW 200x75SS.dwg(75 KB)

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