Balcony Downpipe Flange

  • This 100mm PVC flange allows downpipes to be run directly through balconies.

    Removes the gap around the downpipe penetration avoiding dripping of water onto below balconies.

    Waterproof membrane is to be applied up the sides of the flange around the pipe creating a tanked area on the balcony.

    Suitable for torch-on membranes.

    Designed to be discrete hidden below tile jacks or decking systems.

    Code Description .pdf .dwg
    BDF100 100mm Balcony Downpipe Flange

    BDF100.pdf BDF100.pdf(144 KB)

    BDF100.dwg BDF100.dwg(96 KB)

    Install Drawings

    BDF100-Install.pdf BDF100-Install.pdf(170 KB)

    BDF100-Install.dwg BDF100-Install.dwg(204 KB)

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