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Complete balcony & roof drainage solutions

Allproof have built a strong reputation for both innovation in design and for manufacturing excellence, with an excellent range of premium quality balcony, roof drains and rainwater drainage systems providing high performing solutions.

Made from quality, durable materials, Allproof balcony and roof drains include small diameter roof drains, large diameter roof drains, podium drains, the unique Allthrough roof drainage solution to meet the requirements of multi-level balcony drainage, and the Sureflow drainage system. We also supply parapets, the Allproof VRTW65 roof and balcony drain, Vinylrite roof drains, rainwater heads, and soffit covers that can be specifically tailored depending on the application.

The team at Allproof pride themselves on their outstanding balcony and roof drain products and great customer service, we are happy to help you find the right drainage solution for your commercial or residential project.