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Podium drains & planter drainage

The team at Allproof has over 30 years industry experience, we know what works when it comes to plumbing and drainage, and distribute premium quality podium drains for tile jack and planter drainage applications.

Our built-to-last podium drains have a durable cast construction including bronze body, bronze clamp ring and storm series grates, and are excellent for commercial applications including podium areas, carparks, malls, and decks. These come in standard finish options including polished stainless steel, finished bronze, and finished nickel bronze.

The Allproof Sureflow system comes with a podium attachement allowing for the use of a plastic flange in a podium scenario. The base comes 80, 100 & 150mm pipe spigot and utalise the Storm Series grates. Sureflow drains are compatible with torch-on membranes.

As a family-owned business we pride ourselves on providing effective pluming and drainage product solutions along with great service.