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Quality plastic drainage fittings

The team at Allproof specialises in providing high quality plumbing and drainage products. We leverage our experience and high-tech research and development programme to provide the most up-to-date drainage and plumbing solutions to solve challenges faced on-site every day.

We distribute a comprehensive range of top quality plastic fittings for the plumbing and drainage industries such as PVC bends, gully’s, junctions, flanges and sud valves, shower waste kits, laundry outlet boxes, plastic grates, pool grates, and stormwater grates. Our plastic drainage fittings are all industry standard and manufactured to the highest quality and exacting industry specifications.

Contact Allproof today for more information on which of our plastic fittings and related products are best suited to your commercial needs. We are a New Zealand family-owned business that prides itself on the quality of our products and services and finding innovative solutions to help contractors get the job done on time and to budget.