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Stormwater drainage pits for commercial & domestic drainage needs

We are specialists in plumbing and drainge products including exterior stormwater drainage pits.

Our plastic 12 – 45 litre volume stormwater drainage pits are a cost-effective drainage pit solution for commercial applications and are available with various grate options. We stock hinged cast iron, aluminium, stanless steel and plastic grates for 350 x 350mm wide pits with depth options of 325 and 600mm depths. 350 x 350 pits come with 100mm pipe outlet pre-marked and easy-install rubber gasket seal. Our 250 x 250 pit can come with an option of aluminium, stanless steel or plastic grates.

We distribute a superior quality range of polymer concrete drainage pits, adding polymers to cement as a binder material. This produces a very strong product with a very low permeability that is extremely resistant to a larger number of chemicals, making our stormwater drainage pits ideal for commercial drainage installations with heavy-duty drainage pit requirements.

All our stormwater drainage pits are specifically designed, developed and manufactured for the plumbing and drainage industry and to the Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3500.2.2.