• The Slimline system offers the flexibility to choose the desired drainage channel lengths, widths and angles you need to achieve the finish you are looking for.

    The Allproof Slimline system provides unique and elegant options for applications such as bathrooms, balconies, courtyards, pool areas, car parks, kitchens and driveways. It utilises high quality material including 316 or 304 stainless steel grating and PVC or stainless steel drainage channel options.

    The Slimline linear drainage channel means that cross cutting tiles into a central floor waste is no longer required. The system enables the use of a single plane of fall in a tile floor, providing a subtle and visually appealing finish where the large tiles can be successfully integrated. This significantly reduces the set up time required to create the floor levels and install the tiles.


    A Grate

    A Grate

    D Grate

    D Grate

    LAS Grate

    LAS Grate

    SL Grate

    SL Grate

    SQ Grate

    SQ Grate







    38mm Kits

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    38AGKit.12 38mm x 1200mm Architectural Bathroom Kit

    38AGKIT1.2 pdf 38AGKIT1.2 pdf(226 KB)

    38AGKIT1.2.dwg 38AGKIT1.2.dwg(477 KB)

    38DGKit.12 38mm x 1200mm Perforated Bathroom Kit

    38DGKIT1.2 pdf 38DGKIT1.2 pdf(299 KB)

    38DGKIT1.2 dwg 38DGKIT1.2 dwg(672 KB)

    38SLKit.12 38mm x 1200mm Perforated SL Bathroom Kit

    38SLKIT1.2 pdf 38SLKIT1.2 pdf(240 KB)

    38SLKIT1.2 dwg 38SLKIT1.2 dwg(532 KB)

    38SQKit.12 38mm x 1200mm Perforated SQ Bathroom Kit

    38SQKIT1.2 pdf 38SQKIT1.2 pdf(360 KB)

    38SQKIT1.2 dwg 38SQKIT1.2 dwg(1117 KB)

    38LASKit.1 38mm x 1000mm Laser Perforated Bathroom Kit

    38LASKit 1.pdf 38LASKit 1.pdf(199 KB)

    38LASKit.1.dwg 38LASKit.1.dwg(368 KB)

    38LASKit.12 38mm x 1200mm Laser Perforated Bathroom Kit

    38LASKIT1.2 pdf 38LASKIT1.2 pdf(198 KB)

    38LASKIT1.2 dwg 38LASKIT1.2 dwg(368 KB)

    65mm Kits

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    65AGKit.9  65mm x 900mm Architectural Bathroom Kit

    65AGKIT.9.pdf 65AGKIT.9.pdf(391 KB)

    65AGKIT.9.dwg 65AGKIT.9.dwg(740 KB)

    65AGKit.12  65mm x 1200mm Architectural Bathroom Kit 

    65AGKIT 1.2.pdf 65AGKIT 1.2.pdf(392 KB)

    65AGKIT 1.2.dwg 65AGKIT 1.2.dwg(740 KB)

    65DGKit.12  65mm x 1200mm Perforated Bathroom Kit 

    65DGKIT 1.2.pdf 65DGKIT 1.2.pdf(703 KB)

    65DGKIT 1.2.dwg 65DGKIT 1.2.dwg(1260 KB)

    65SLKit.12  65mm x 1200mm Perforated SL Bathroom Kit 

    65SLKIT 1.2.pdf 65SLKIT 1.2.pdf(436 KB)

    65SLKIT 1.2.dwg 65SLKIT 1.2.dwg(720 KB)

    65SQKit.12  65mm x 1200mm Perforated SQ Bathroom Kit 

    65SQKIT 1.2.pdf 65SQKIT 1.2.pdf(548 KB)

    65SQKIT 1.2.dwg 65SQKIT 1.2.dwg(1075 KB)

    65LASKit.1 65mm x 1000mm Laser Blank End Bathroom Kit

    65LASKIT 1.pdf 65LASKIT 1.pdf(354 KB)

    65LASKIT 1.dwg 65LASKIT 1.dwg(595 KB)

    65LASKit.12   65mm x 1200mm Laser Blank End Bathroom Kit

    65LASKIT 1.2.pdf 65LASKIT 1.2.pdf(354 KB)

    65SLKIT 1.2.dwg 65SLKIT 1.2.dwg(720 KB)

    100mm Kits

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    100AGKit.12   100mm x 1200mm Architectural Bathroom Kit  

    100AGKit1.2.pdf 100AGKit1.2.pdf(275 KB)

    100AGKit1.2.dwg 100AGKit1.2.dwg(605 KB)

    100LASKit.1   100mm x 1000mm Laser Blank End Bathroom Kit 

    100LASKit.1.pdf 100LASKit.1.pdf(218 KB)

    100LASKit.1.dwg 100LASKit.1.dwg(360 KB)

    100LASKit.12  100mm x 1200mm Laser Blank End Bathroom Kit  

    100LASKit1.2.pdf 100LASKit1.2.pdf(218 KB)

    100LASKit1.2.dwg 100LASKit1.2.dwg(360 KB)

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