200mm Opening Polymer Concrete Channel

  • Allproof Industries PC Range utilises polymers to supplement cement as the binder material, this creates a durable product that is highly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and has extremely low permeability, making it excellent for commercial linear drainage installation. Our commercial linear drainage is the ideal solution to all heavy duty channel requirements. Available in a range of sizes and grate options, and available rated from load class A to E.


    All channels and grates come as standard with lockdowns to secure the grates and prevent any damage through movement. Security lockdowns may be available depending on system set up and project requirements, please contact us for more information.


    Heelproof Cast Iron

    Heelproof Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

    Wedge Wire

    Wedge Wire









    SS 200 Inline Sump

    SS 200 Inline Sump

    CI 200 Inline Sump

    CI 200 Inline Sump

    Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel


    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    PC200 225CI  PC200 225mm PC CI Edge Cast Iron Grate 

    PC200 225 CI.pdf PC200 225 CI.pdf(434 KB)

    PC200 225 CI.dwg PC200 225 CI.dwg(645 KB)

    PC200 225HCI  PC200 225mm PC CI Edge Heelproof CI Grate 

    PC200 225 HCI.pdf PC200 225 HCI.pdf(494 KB)

    PC200 225 HCI.dwg PC200 225 HCI.dwg(1016 KB)

    PC200 225SSLAS  PC200 225mm PC SS Edge LAS Grate 

    PC200-225SS LAS.pdf PC200-225SS LAS.pdf(225 KB)

    PC200-225SS LAS.dwg PC200-225SS LAS.dwg(555 KB)

    PC200 225SSWW  PC200 225mm PC SS Edge WW Grate 

    PC200 225 WW.pdf PC200 225 WW.pdf(431 KB)

    PC200 225 WW.dwg PC200 225 WW.dwg(1366 KB)

    PC200 225SSLAD  PC200 225mm PC SS Edge LAD Grate

    PC200-225SS LAD.pdf PC200-225SS LAD.pdf(213 KB)

    PC200-225SS LAD.dwg PC200-225SS LAD.dwg(538 KB)


    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    PCSUMP200CI  PC200 Inline Sump CI Edge Cast Iron Grate 

    PCSUMP200CI.pdf PCSUMP200CI.pdf(520 KB)

    PCSUMP200CI.dwg PCSUMP200CI.dwg(971 KB)

    PCSUMP200HCI  PC200 Inline Sump CI Edge Heelproof CI Grate 

    PCSUMP200HCI.pdf PCSUMP200HCI.pdf(554 KB)

    PCSUMP200HCI.dwg PCSUMP200HCI.dwg(707 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSLAS  PC200 Inline Sump SS Edge LAS Grate 

    PCSUMP200SSLAS.pdf PCSUMP200SSLAS.pdf(463 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSLAS.dwg PCSUMP200SSLAS.dwg(566 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSWW  PC200 Inline Sump SS Edge WW Grate 

    PCSUMP200SSWW.pdf PCSUMP200SSWW.pdf(556 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSWW.dwg PCSUMP200SSWW.dwg(872 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSLAD  PC200 Inline Sump SS Edge LAD Grate 

    PCSUMP200SSLAD.pdf PCSUMP200SSLAD.pdf(459 KB)

    PCSUMP200SSLAD.dwg PCSUMP200SSLAD.dwg(540 KB)

    End Caps

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    PC200 225ECSS 200 225mm PC End Cap Stainless Steel

    PC200-225ECSS.pdf PC200-225ECSS.pdf(134 KB)

    PC200-225ECSS.dwg PC200-225ECSS.dwg(39 KB)

    PC200 225EC 200 225mm PC End Cap

    PC200-225EC.pdf PC200-225EC.pdf(232 KB)

    PC200-225EC.dwg PC200-225EC.dwg(312 KB)


    End caps aren't included with channels, please specify amount of end caps required by adding them in when selecting required channels for quote.


    Revit Files


    Install Drawings

    PC Install.pdf PC Install.pdf(979 KB)

    PC Install.dwg PC Install.dwg(943 KB)

    PC Inline Sump Install.pdf PC Inline Sump Install.pdf(915 KB)

    PC Inline Sump Install.dwg PC Inline Sump Install.dwg(185 KB)

    Technical Documents

    Install Guide
    Load Class Guide
    Material Analysis Report

    System Example

    The system design accommodates runs of up to 43 meters, terminating at a sump. A mirror image can then be run in the opposite direction, resulting in maximum length of 76 meters between sumps. Overall system length is unlimited. This may be reduced dependent on required flow rates or other constraints. We suggest talking to a Hydraulics Consultant with your exact requirements.

    Code Description Total Litre Capacity 
    PCSUMP100 PC Inline Sump 100mm Clear Opening  22.98L
    PCSUMP200  PC Inline Sump 200mm Clear Opening 44.16L
    PC75  75mm PC Channel 3.77L
    PC125 125mm PC Channel 7.75L
    PC175 175mm PC Channel 11.5L
    PC225 225mm PC Channel 16.97L
    PC200x225 200x225mm PC Channel 32.07L

    Product Enquiry

    We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don't provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ's for further information on this.

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