Plastic Drainage Pit

    • Economic pit solution for commercial jobs
    • Grate options: Heelproof CI, WW, Plastic
    • Aluminium & LAS
    • Hinged CI, Plastic and Al grates on 350 x 350 pits
    • 100mm pipe outlet pre-marked on 350 x 350 pits
    • Easy install rubber gasket seal for Ø100mm pipe on 350 x 350 pits
    • 12 - 60 litre volume
    • Riser to fit 350 x 350 pits.
    • Riser supplied with 2x M8x35 screws, threaded inserts for fixing to pit and 1x DPS100.


    Black Plastic

    Black Plastic

    Heelproof Cast Iron

    Heelproof Cast Iron

    Cast Aluminium

    Cast Aluminium

    Wedge Wire

    Wedge Wire





    Round Heelproof Cast Iron

    Round Heelproof Cast Iron









    350 x 350 Pits:

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    DP350 350 x 350 x 325 Plastic Pit

    DP350HCI.pdf DP350HCI.pdf(1648 KB)

    DP350.dwg DP350.dwg(885 KB)

    DP350x600 350 x 350 x 600 Plastic Pit

    DP350x600HCI DP350x600HCI(1653 KB)

    DP350x600.dwg DP350x600.dwg(964 KB)

    DP350RRCI 350 x 200 Round Riser & Cast Iron Grate

    DP350RRCI.pdf DP350RRCI.pdf(309 KB)

    DP350RRCI.dwg DP350RRCI.dwg(861 KB)

    DP350GB 350 x 350 Black Plastic Grate

    DP350GB.pdf DP350GB.pdf(623 KB)

    DP350GB.dwg DP350GB.dwg(967 KB)

    DP350GCI 350 x 350 Heelproof Cast Iron Grate

    DP350GCI.pdf DP350GCI.pdf(1304 KB)

    DP350GCI.dwg DP350GCI.dwg(917 KB)

    DP350GAL 350 x 350 Aluminium Grate

    DP350GAL.pdf DP350GAL.pdf(42 KB)

    DP350GAL.dwg DP350GAL.dwg(288 KB)

    DP350GWW 350 x 350 SS Wedge Wire Grate

    DP350GWW.pdf DP350GWW.pdf(53 KB)

    DP350GWW.dwg DP350GWW.dwg(432 KB)

    DP350GLAS 350 x 350 SS Laser Cut Grate

    DP350GLAS.pdf DP350GLAS.pdf(131 KB)

    DP350GLAS.dwg DP350GLAS.dwg(350 KB)

    DP350GGS 350 x 350 Galv Steel Grate

    DP350GGS.pdf DP350GGS.pdf(405 KB)

    DP350GGS.dwg DP350GGS.dwg(201 KB)

    250 x 250 Pits:

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    DP250 250 x 250 x 300 Plastic Pit

    DP250.pdf DP250.pdf(140 KB)

    DP250.dwg DP250.dwg(333 KB)

    DP250GB 250 x 250 Black Plastic Grate

    DP250GB.pdf DP250GB.pdf(387 KB)

    DP250GB.dwg DP250GB.dwg(793 KB)

    DP250GAL 250 x 250 Aluminium Grate

    DP250GAL.pdf DP250GAL.pdf(159 KB)

    DP250GAL.dwg DP250GAL.dwg(395 KB)

    DP250GWW 250 x 250 SS Wedge Wire Grate

    DP250GWW.pdf DP250GWW.pdf(160 KB)

    DP250GWW.dwg DP250GWW.dwg(444 KB)

    DP250GLAS 250 x 250 SS Laser Cut Grate

    DP250GLAS.pdf DP250GLAS.pdf(149 KB)

    DP250GLAS.dwg DP250GLAS.dwg(340 KB)


    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    DPS100 100mm Drainage Pit Seal

    DPS100.pdf DPS100.pdf(30 KB)

    DPS100.dwg DPS100.dwg(163 KB)


    Pit Cast Iron Grate 

    DP350 and DP350GCI.pdf DP350 and DP350GCI.pdf(1648 KB)

    DP350 & Riser 

    DP350RRCI and DP350.pdf DP350RRCI and DP350.pdf(327 KB)


    DP350x600 and DP350GCI.pdf DP350x600 and DP350GCI.pdf(1653 KB)

    Code Description Total Litre Capacity
    DP250 250 x 250 x 300 Plastic Pit 12L (Not Compatible With Riser)
    DP350 350 x 350 x 325 Plastic Pit 29L
    DP350RRCI  350 x 200 Round Riser & Cast Iron Grate 15L
    DP350x600  350 x 350 x 600 Plastic Pit 45L

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