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Allproof stocks an excellent range of commercial point drains. We offer a wide selection of durable cast-construction square or round grates for various pipe. Our car park and cast construction podium drains are load tested to ensure they are durable for intended traffic. Our easy-install plastic drainage pits are an economic pit solution for commercial jobs, we also offer stainless on plastic as an econimoic choice for smaller point drains. The Allproof finishing collar is a high quality injection moulded collar and grate to fit a 100mm pipe riser, and our plastic storm water surface drains have 90mm and 150/100mm outlet options, with the 150/100mm option easily drilled out to maximise water flow.
All our commercial drainage and plumbing products have been designed and manufactured to be durable, easy to install, and meet industry standards. Have a drainage or plumbing problem on site that is slowing you down? Give us a call today for excellent product advice specific to your project.