Vinyl Clamping Channel

    • Custom made to your requirements
    • 304 & 316 grade SS
    • 100mm O-ring outlet at end to suit i.d. PVC & HDPE
    • Mechanical clamping system for membranes 
    Wedge Wire

    Wedge Wire

    Slip Resistant Ladder

    Slip Resistant Ladder





    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File 
    VCC WW  Vinyl Clamping Channel 1000mm with Wedge Wire Grate 

    VCC WW.pdf VCC WW.pdf(403 KB)

    VCC WW.dwg VCC WW.dwg(1090 KB)

    VCC LAS Vinyl Clamping Channel 1000mm with LAS Grate

    VCCLAS.pdf VCCLAS.pdf(357 KB)

    VCCLAS.dwg VCCLAS.dwg(799 KB)

    VCC LAD  Vinyl Clamping Channel 1000mm with Ladder Grate 

    VCCLAD.pdf VCCLAD.pdf(355 KB)

    VCCLAD.dwg VCCLAD.dwg(778 KB)

    VCC SRL  Vinyl Clamping Channel 1000mm with Slip Resistant Ladder Grate 

    VCCSRL.pdf VCCSRL.pdf(398 KB)

    VCCSRL.dwg VCCSRL.dwg(1023 KB)

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